Carob? We love it!

Unbeknownst to many, and to many known, sweets are no good for our furry loved ones. That's why we love Carob. It is a sweet-tasting alternative, without the sugars and it provides a safe alternative to our dogs so that they become energized in an all-natural way. 

Carob is a bean pod made from the carob tree.  It provides great health benefits and is high in vitamin B2, iron, calcium, magnesium and iron - amongst others. It also provides lots of antioxidants and is a nice compliment to Blueberries in our popular Wellness! bars.

We strive to provide thoughtfully sourced, small batched ingredients, making sure you're having the best life for you and your pup. All of our bars come in resealable pouches for portion control, making them perfect for hiking, backpacking and other adventures!


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