Our story

Founded as a Father and Son team Mark and Turner set out to create a brand to replace an antiquated industry and provide clean nutritious dog bars for people with an active lifestyle. The rest is history.

The dogs we know and love today were once the wolves roaming open fields and dense forests across the globe. Though dogs have become our household protectors, companions, and family members, deep down, dogs still need to maintain the active, healthy life of a hunter.

Many dog owners are rockstars at giving their furry buddies an abundance of love, attention, and activity. But to keep your dog on the move, they must have the proper nutrition to fuel them through the day. Of the thousands of dog treats on the market today, few if any provide the nutritional value an active dog needs to thrive. OliveBōn provides an on-the-go nutrition bar suited for the active dog owner.

Unfortunately, dog treat companies utilize ingredients from other animal product processing industries, processed preservatives, or products that barely qualify as food. These ingredients include unusable industrial animal parts, bones and bone fragments, high starch fillers, sugars, artificial flavors, and artificial colors to name a few.

To find a better option for their many dogs, Mark and Turner Kimbrough created the first batches of homemade dog nutrition bars, containing only 6 all-natural ingredients with no nasty preservatives or wasteful fillers. In addition, the bars they made were cut to create manageable portions for each pup.

Soon Mark and Turner would be using their recipes to fuel dogs from the entire extended family, including border collies, corgis, German shepherds, labradoodles and many adopted dogs for their on the go lifestyle. It was important to create a bar that would easily fit into your pocket when dashing out the door.

OliveBōn prioritizes the nutritional needs of dogs leading an active and adventurous lifestyle, and provides the on-the-go convenience for their human companions. We are dedicated to keeping dogs happy, healthy, and properly fueled so they can live the active life they were intended to.

Our bars truly meet at the nexus of nutrition and adventure.

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